Puma Diaries is conceived of, and mostly written by, Dave Santillo.

Traveler, seeker, environmental scientist, father of three, tree hugger, adventure seeker,  music lover & dreamer.

I worked as an Environmental Consultant for 25 years, and was co-founder and owner of a firm for 15 years.   I worked with some great people over the years, & learned alot about how the world works.    I did a surplus of schooling to enable me to do this, including a PhD in Environmental & Forest Biology.

Now I write, volunteer, work for environmental causes…and continue to learn more and have my eyes opened more through travel, which may be to Tierra del Fuego, or to my backyard in Maine.

If you like what I´m trying to do here, and would like to contribute a story, please email me.

4 replies

  1. Dave, LOVE your writing! Hope are is well with you and the family. Please check-in next time your travels bring you back to Maine!

  2. always GREAT posts Dave- good spirit of adventure- same for me
    post when you are back in ME where the winter season is here full on!

  3. Hello Dave,
    We’re planning a canoe trip to Labrador this summer – a variation on the one you describe. We’d love to talk with you. What is the best way to connect with you? Do you live in Maine? We are getting together in Portland Feb. 28 to look at maps and make plans. You would be an honored guest if you came. Let us know if you have time to meet or just talk by phone.

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